About Us

Our Vision(MMSSK)

To create a competitive advantage for all stakeholders & farmers through effective best people management. " Significant contribution to the development of Chhattisgarh"

Our Mission

The Company embraces certain core values in order to function ethically, effectively and The Society was not engaged in just to manufacture the sugarcane allied products and to earn profit concern for the benefit of cane cultivators, but a nucleus of all-round development of the rural area of operation through its co-operative organization & to help for increasing economic growth of rural population, leading towards Integrated Rural Life Stock Development of India, in real sense.

  • Respect for Individual: Recognize each individual's contribution in the growth and development of the Company. Treat all members & farmers with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity: Conduct all business dealings along transparent lines with full satisfaction .
  • Meritocracy: Foster an environment of excellence in performance.
  • Dynamic Thinking: Demonstrate a winner's attitude, with a clear focus to deliver sustained values for all stakeholders.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Encourage creative experimentation, embrace new ideas and institutionalize continuous improvement in all aspects of business and performance.
  • Social Responsibility: Work on social and environmental issues to enrich the quality of life within the farmers village community we serve.

Establishment Dept.
  1. Man power planning
  2. Man Power Requistion form - approved by MD/CEO
  3. Advertisement-manpower consultants - known sources-from Existing employees
  4. Company application form
  5. Recuritement - Conduct interview-selection- appointment letter- Joining formalities -induction - then delployment
  6. Make simple Appraisal to assess performance of the new/existing employees
  7. Confirmation/increment letters
  8. Promotion letter in case of promotion